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Post Turtle, New Business, Etc. Etc.

  • Announcer One: This is FDMAMO News Service!
  • Announcer Two: Hello and welcome. This week, FDMAMO head Nate Zhang decided it would be a good idea to make movies to sell free catalogs.
  • Announcer One: Those catalogs would then sell shirts!
  • Announcer Two: Furthermore, those chapbooks promised will not be made, but new ones, that is, comic books, will, which will also sell shirts!
  • Announcer One: Looks like the world is about to be saved!
  • Announcer Two: Where? Where?! Where is Clark??? I don't see him!!

New Ebooks to be RELEASED soon!

There, will, however, be some newer ebooks (chapbook format and regular book format) which will be released in an updated and Paypal-integrated side of our Scribd account which will be on the Scribd Document Store. These ebooks’ contents have not been fully decided yet, however, suffice to say, they WILL be about the martial arts. And nothing else.

Enjoy a FDMA ebook when it comes out!

Old Chaps won’t be released.

Sorry. There was a small issue with file backups on my PC, and now the original chapbook formatting files are gone, so the chaps are officially dead-in-the-water-dead. Sry!

[UPCOMING] Chapbooks!!!

Chapbook versions of “Book of Observations” and “Book of Systems”, as well as a practitioners’ manual on group taijiquan practice, will be coming out later today. Check our (currently nonexistent) Scribd profile (search it up when it becomes available after 3PM EDT today) to purchase the electronic chapbooks when they become available!

Check our next story for a chance to help plan a “FD Martial Arts eXchange #2” (long overdue) in November 2011!